Friendship Park (Turtle Park) Renovation Update – 1/14/2017

It seems they are back on track to complete the park by the summer. Barring large weather events, like Snowzilla, Jackie was firm in this commitment. Watching the park the past couple of weeks, they do appear to be making steady headway. The presentation was essentially images of the progress so far and the timeline below. Jackie also apologized for the delay in the renovation and it’s impact on the community which is appreciated.
  • Completed to date
    • Demolition and removal of existing building
    • Demolition and removal existing basketball courts
    • Demolition and removal existing playground
    • Storage of memorial bricks
    • Removal of identified trees
    • Relocation of stormwater line
  • January
    • Completion of foundation/Start of exterior walls (Building Shell)
  • February
    • Building Shell Construction on-going
    • DPR Engage Community regarding Programming
  • March
    • Building Shell Completion
    • Start of Interior Construction
  • April
    • Interior Construction Completion
    • Start of Playground Construction & Completion
  • Spring
    • Project Completion (Memorial Day Weekend)
Outstanding Items
  • Meeting with project team. Lucy asked that this happen sooner than later so Jackie will try to schedule this in February.
  • Sharing of latest design for project. I’ll followup with Jackie to get the pdf of this.
  • Our additional requests of the city for the park: Below is the URL for the GoogleDoc that summarized what we have so far. It’s divided into two sheets, one for Renovation Asks, and the other for Programming Asks.
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