“DO NOT TICKET LIST” for American University parking services

To get your car listed on the “DO NOT TICKET LIST” list for American University parking services, please call 202-885-3111 or email [email protected] and let them know to put your car and license plate on the “DO NOT TICKET LIST”.

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Friendship Park (Turtle Park) Renovation Update – 1/14/2017

It seems they are back on track to complete the park by the summer. Barring large weather events, like Snowzilla, Jackie was firm in this commitment. Watching the park the past couple of weeks, they do appear to be making steady headway. The presentation was essentially images of the progress so far and the timeline below. Jackie also apologized for the delay in the renovation and it’s impact on the community which is appreciated.
  • Completed to date
    • Demolition and removal of existing building
    • Demolition and removal existing basketball courts
    • Demolition and removal existing playground
    • Storage of memorial bricks
    • Removal of identified trees
    • Relocation of stormwater line
  • January
    • Completion of foundation/Start of exterior walls (Building Shell)
  • February
    • Building Shell Construction on-going
    • DPR Engage Community regarding Programming
  • March
    • Building Shell Completion
    • Start of Interior Construction
  • April
    • Interior Construction Completion
    • Start of Playground Construction & Completion
  • Spring
    • Project Completion (Memorial Day Weekend)
Outstanding Items
  • Meeting with project team. Lucy asked that this happen sooner than later so Jackie will try to schedule this in February.
  • Sharing of latest design for project. I’ll followup with Jackie to get the pdf of this.
  • Our additional requests of the city for the park: Below is the URL for the GoogleDoc that summarized what we have so far. It’s divided into two sheets, one for Renovation Asks, and the other for Programming Asks.
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Turtle Park renovation project updates

At the meeting on the Turtle Park renovation project last night with the DC Department of General Services and the Department of Parks and Rec, the agency and contractor reps said the last part of the project (the basketball and tennis courts) would be completed in spring 2017.

According to the presenters, the project has been delayed by a change of mind by the Army Corps of Engineers (which was not represented at the meeting).  The Corps is responsible for a sewer line and at least one water main that run under the park.  (DCWASA is also involved.)  The Corps originally imposed a 10-foot easement (the lateral distance required between any of the pipes and new construction).  Permits were issued and work was going forward, but the Corps then made a walk-over inspection (for the first time) and insisted that the easement had to be 15 feet.  As a result, the new building planned for the park has to be positioned 10 feet north of the spot originally authorized in the original permits; and a new permitting process for this is necessary.

According to the contractor, even the Corps did not know exactly where the sewer and water lines (which were installed in the 1920s) were located, or how deep in the ground.  That was only determined when the contractor located them by digging.

The contractor says it has now received “oral” approval of the new permit, which is supposed to be issued shortly in written form.  The contractor is exploring the possibility of completing exterior parts of the project ASAP so that those parts can be used before the entire project is completed.

Updates and diagrams will supposedly be posted on DGS’s website: dgs.dc.gov. Also please visit Department of Parks and Recreation website: dpr.dc.gov. Friendship – Turtle Park Recreation Center Project

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Back to School Picnic, sponsored by American University Community Relations and the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church.

American University’s Office of Community Relations and the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church cordially invite you to attend a back to school picnic to celebrate the beginning of the new school year.

The picnic will take place on Sunday, September 11 from 12:00 p.m. ‘ 2:00 p.m. at the Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church at 3401 Nebraska Avenue, NW, across the street from AU’s main campus. All are invited to attend.

Lunch and kid’s activities will be provided. Come out and meet AU students and see your neighbors as we kick off the 2016 school year in style.

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5/12 monthly ANC meeting

The following issues were addressed at the 5/12 monthly ANC meeting.

Police Report.  As indicated in my previous forwarded emails, there has been a recent increase in violent crime in the Tenleytown / Wilson HS area.  In April there were six, four of them robberies; three of the robbery victims were HS students.  Arrests have been made for two of the robberies, and the police have identified “persons of interest” for the other two.  There was one assault with a hand gun (no one hurt).  Property crimes were down, with over 88% of all thefts occurring on the commercial corridors, mostly shoplifting.  For additional info or input, email [email protected].

Wilson HS Funding.  The ANC unanimously passed a resolution (introduced by Member McHugh) calling on DCPS to adhere to the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula (UPSFF), which it has endorsed as the proper formula for allocating funds to the public schools.  According to the resolution, Wilson receives the lowest per-high-school funding, $8,556 per student, which is less than half of the amount per student received by the high school receiving the largest amount; and “a significant, unexplained disparity exists” between what Ward 3 schools receive and what they should receive under UPSFF.

Renewal of Liquor Licenses.  The ANC voted unanimously not to oppose renewal of liquor licenses for a number of local businesses, including Tara Thai, Whole Foods, and Guapo’s (which is staying in its current location after a lease dispute).

“Ladybird” Development at the Former Superfresh Site.  Valor Development is proposing a large, two-building project (7 stories altogether) at 48th and Yuma, north of the former AU law school.  One building will be residential, with 200 apartments and 30 condos, for approximately 450-500 residents.  The other building will be a large supermarket.  Parking for both buildings will be underground.  There was consensus among the ANC members that the design submitted for review was closer to acceptability than previous designs, and the developer promises that the “green” space that is planned to surround the project will serve the whole community.  However, there is still considerable opposition to the project from a number of local residents (particularly some who live adjacent or nearby).  Opponents argue that the projects is incompatible in both size and form with the residential neighborhood; other residents support the project.  (Turnout for this meeting was larger than usual, due to this issue.)  There is a legal “matter of right” issue with respect to the buildings’ height, and it is possible that the projected supermarket will not receive the necessary zoning variance.  To view the project drawings, go to theladybirddc.com.

Reconfiguration of the Albemarle-Fort Drive-Brandywine Area.  The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Agency, which owns the block of Fort Drive running between Albemarle and Brandywine (and to Wilson HS), is completing a plan to reconfigure the Fort Drive-40th Street area to improve safety, auto and bike traffic for commuters and students.  The ANC passed a resolution, 4-1, urging the WMATA to include the block of 40th Street running between Brandywine and Chesapeake in the study, so that the traffic problems in the entire area will be addressed consistently.  The project is complicated by the fact that the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), which will, be paying for the reconfiguration, controls 40th Street but must receive an easement from WMATA to perform work on Fort Drive. There was skepticism that, for a number of reasons, the project may not reach fruition.

Redevelopment of 4620-26 Wisconsin Ave.  Urban Investment Partners is developing this project to convert three office buildings (south of Chesapeake, close to the Tenleytown Metro) to residential buildings.  I didn’t stay long for this presentation, because it was past 10:30 pm and a work night.  Not sure if the ANC passed on it.

Turtle Park.  Member McHugh told me that the redevelopment has not progressed beyond demolition.  This is at least in part because the planners apparently failed to learn that a 48-inch sewage pipe runs from Fort Gaines under the park, and that they will have to work around  it or replace a segment of it.  This has a budgetary and scheduling impact.  Member McHugh will be meeting with the project managers a few days from now (he lives a few houses away from Turtle Park) and expects to learn more.

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Fort Gaines Citizens Association Resident Survey 2016

Dear Neighbor:

The new year is well underway and the seasons are changing. What a perfect time to hear your opinions of the neighborhood!

Each member of the Fort Gaines neighborhood contributes to its success and livelihood. We want to hear from you on very specific issues like parking and traffic but also things we may not know about that you consider important. We have put this survey together to develop a baseline of concerns as well as to help determine what areas to focus on to better serve our community. Your opinions are very valuable and we certainly appreciate your time in providing feedback.

Certain questions, like the segment of the street you live on, are being asked so we can generally connect the concerns stated with where in the neighborhood they might occur. By no means will this information be used to identify or single out a member of our neighborhood by name or any specific identifier. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

You do not have to be a member of the Fort Gaines Citizens Association to participate, however, we ask that you limit the number of surveys that are submitted to two people in a household. Feel free to share the link to the survey with your neighbors. The more Fort Gaines residents we hear from the better!

If you need help filling out the survey or have any questions, please contact Hazel Edwards at [email protected].

Thank you in advance for participating in this survey and for sharing your thoughts about the neighborhood.

Please complete the online survey or return the printed survey by April 30, 2016 to Anne Sullivan, 4431 Springdale St., NW.

Best regards,

The Fort Gaines Citizens Association (FGCA) Officers

I’ve invited you to fill out the form Fort Gaines Citizens Association Resident Survey 2016 . To fill it out, visit:

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